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The Man behind the camera

Abel Serrano, a creative professional, mid 30's self taught photographer in Los Angeles, CA with a passion for creating portrait images, a knack for coding websites and visual stimulating design.

His passion for photography began when he was given his first camera at a very young age. Do you remember those rectangular-shaped cameras, that had funny looking film cartridges (Kodak 110)? His was a turquoise one and took it everywhere he went and photographed anything and everything.

In high school he was part of the yearbook staff and learned how to crop, size using a non-photo blue pencil and scan photographs into imaging software for layout. In college he took some courses in graphic design, with focus and emphasis on the digital medium/platform. He quickly found out the drawing portion (pencil/paper) that was required, he was not very good at.

Determined to stay focused in the digital era that exploded in the early 2000s, he switched courses to web design and desktop publishing. He quickly picked up learning code and also was able to design thanks to the graphic design theory and knowledge. His right and left of brain have been in harmony ever since. He has now done web development for 17+ years on both the code and design, both in a professional career and hobbyist, along with many side jobs/projects.

In 2011 he picked up photography again as he was frustrated with designing client’s websites/apps and graphics not looking right or out of place due to the low quality of images, composition and exposure mistakes, along with wrong cropping whether it was too wide or too tight. He has taken a plethora of online courses, classes, workshops and read numerous articles and books pertaining to photography. Most of all he just practiced, studied, and practiced more.

However, in late 2013 he decided to take his passion for photography into a career.